3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Parts

31 March 2015
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Part of owning an automobile is keeping up with repairs, but there may come a time when the parts that are needed are more expensive than you expected. When your vehicle is in need of repair, you don't have to buy a brand new part from the dealership to get your car up and running properly again. Consider the following tips to save money on auto parts for your car:

Look for Used Parts

There are many situations where a vehicle may have a bad engine or a failed transmission, but all of the other parts are in good working order. In these cases mechanically minded individuals often take apart their car and sell off the parts at a deep discount over buying brand new. Some of the best places to find these parts are on local classified sites and online auctions. The parts may or may not come with a warranty, but you can save enough money to not need one.

Buy Aftermarket Auto Parts

When your car is built, it is outfitted with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are brand new and designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle by your car's manufacturer. When a part fails, you have the option of having your mechanic replace it with an OEM part, but they are typically very expensive. Luckily, there is a huge aftermarket auto part industry, which designs and creates parts that will work perfectly in your vehicle, but cost a fraction of the price of an original part that comes directly from an auto maker. When purchased new, the majority of aftermarket parts have a warranty, so if you have any problems you can get your money back or get a replacement part.

Visit an Auto Salvage Yard

An auto salvage yard can be a goldmine when you are looking for inexpensive auto parts that are in excellent condition. Think of visiting an auto salvage yard as a type of adventure; there are no rows or aisles of auto parts that are labeled and ready to be purchased, but you can find exactly what your vehicle needs for an incredibly inexpensive price. Auto salvage yards often contain vehicles that are totaled because the cost of body work is too much to be worth repairing, or one major component in a vehicle failed and the original owner sold it off. But each vehicle in an auto salvage yard is full of parts in great condition, and if you spend a little bit of time looking you are sure to find the part that you need.