3 Problems You May Have With Your Garage And What To Do About Them

17 November 2015
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Your garage is something you rely on, but there may be times you will have problems with it. Below are three different problems you may have with your garage, and some possible fixes.

Door Randomly Opens

If your garage door is randomly opening on its own, something could be messing with the signal. If you have a spare remote in a drawer somewhere in your house it can mess with the frequency. If you have a nearby military base, their electrical equipment could be using the same frequency as you are. You may have had an electrical surge from a thunderstorm that damaged your transmitter.

It could also be something else, such as a short in the wall button, problems with the garage door opener remote, or other electronic issues. Because a multitude of things can cause this problem, you should contact a garage door technician to determine what it causing this to happen.

Privacy Problems

If you have windows in your garage and are having problems with privacy, you can deal with this problem in many ways. There is a spray-on window frosting that you can purchase from a home improvement store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to spray it on. This puts enough frosting on the window that people cannot see in, but still allows some light to shine through.

You can also purchase some semi-clear paint that is made for glass at craft stores.  You can find it in clear, but also in various colors. A roll of clear shelf paper stuck onto the glass also works well.

Door Sticks to the Ground in Winter

If your garage door is sticking to the ground and will not open during the winter months, there may be a problem with the bottom rubber gasket. This gasket is what seals your garage door when it is closed. You also may notice water in your garage due to it not sealing correctly.

Look over the rubber gasket to ensure it is completely stuck to the garage door with no spaces. It also may need to be replaced if it looks worn out.

If your rubber gasket is okay, try to spray some silicone spray on it.

If you continue to have problems with your garage door, you may want to consider replacing it completely if it is old. You have many options to choose from so you can change the look of your garage.  

For more information, talk to a repair specialist like J & R Garage Door Company Inc.