3 Important Steps To Take Before Selling Your Junk Car For Cash

6 April 2017
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There may come a point in your life when the car you are driving develops major issues that are too costly to repair. If fixing the car is not really worth it, you may decide to sell the car to a company that pays cash for junk cars. This is the best way to get rid of an old vehicle that no longer runs because it offers cash on the spot and a way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle. If you would like to do this, here are three things you should do before the car buyer arrives at your home to pick up your car.

Locate The Title For The Vehicle

Almost all companies that purchase junk cars for cash require that the cars have titles. A car's title proves ownership of the vehicle. If you do not have a title for your junk car, the buyer might not accept it, simply because you cannot prove you own it. The title to the car will state the year, make, and model of the vehicle, and it will also contain the vehicle identification number (VIN). Before the buyer shows up, you should look for the title.

If you cannot find the title to the vehicle, you can obtain a new one; however, this is not something you can do overnight. You will need to fill out a replacement car title form, which you can get online or through your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When you fill out the form, you must also pay a fee for this service. The amount of the fee will vary by state, and the length of time it will take to get the replacement title will also vary. Some states may offer rush services for an additional fee, but this is not available in all areas. If you encounter this problem, you should wait to contact a junk car buyer until you receive the new title in the mail.

Remove Valuable Parts

Before you sell your junk car, you may want to consider taking a good look at it and its parts to determine if there are any parts you can remove and sell independently for cash. For example, if your car has expensive aluminum rims on it, you could take them off before you sell the car. A car does not have to have rims on it to be purchased by a junk car buyer.

Another example is tires. If you recently put brand-new tires on the car, you could remove them and sell them independently. You would have to put another set on the car, though, but you might be able to find a worn-out set for a really cheap price. You may also want to remove the stereo from the vehicle if it is really nice. These are just a few ideas that will help you make more money when selling a junk car.

Take The License Plate Off

While a car buyer will take a car that has a license plate on it, you may benefit by removing it, and you can protect yourself through this step. If you remove it, some states allow you to bring it to the DMV for a credit for unused time. For example, if you renewed the plate two months ago, you would have 10 months of unused registration fees, and the DMV might credit your account for this.

In addition, if you leave the plate and someone steals it, you may encounter problems if the license plate is reported to the police for some type of crime. While you would be able to get out of the crime charges by proving you sold the car, it would be a lot easier to avoid a situation like this by removing the plate.

Selling a junk car to a car buyer is a great way to get rid of a car you cannot drive anymore. If you have questions about the prices of junk cars, or if you would like to schedule a pickup, contact a company that pays cash for junk cars.