3 Essential Tips for Lower Car Repair Bills

21 November 2019
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Do you have a car that has broken down one too many times? Are you unable to get to work without a vehicle but unable to buy a new one right now? When you're low on money, every strange noise from your vehicle can be worrying. Thankfully, there are some things you can do that will help alleviate the issue so that you can continue to get back and forth to work. A few things you can try are as follows.

Used parts

When you take your vehicle to the mechanic, they are probably going to try to sell you brand new car parts for every repair. When it comes to something like brake pads, new is absolutely necessary. But there are other things that don't have to be brand new. Used engines and transmissions can be found at a fraction of the cost of new ones and are perfectly functional. Properly rebuilt engines and transmissions should both come with warranties certifying their rebuilt status and that they should be good for a certain amount of time. This makes them just as good as, but even cheaper than, buying a brand new engine.

Payment schedules

Many mechanics do require payment in full before they'll let you go home with your vehicle. Other mechanics realize that some people may be going through a rough patch right now and are willing to make payment arrangements. The mechanics that are willing to install used engines and other used parts are going to be the ones most likely to allow this. They will probably want to put a lien against your title until the full amount is paid off, so you won't be able to use the vehicle as collateral, but at least you will have a working vehicle that you're able to drive once again.

Different shops

While going to one shop for everything can be convenient, it's not always the best way to get your repairs done. Specialty shops can often get the job done for less money than it would take the average mechanic to do the same thing. They focus on only one thing, like installing used engines, changing oil, or fixing auto body damage, so they're able to get it done more quickly. This lowers the amount of labor it takes to repair your vehicle, resulting in a reduced total cost. As an added bonus, these specialty shops can often be found tucked away in obscure parts of the city, lowering their rent costs. Less rent means less overhead and can mean more savings for you.

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