5 Unique Ways To Reuse Your Car Parts For Decorating

23 February 2015
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Reusing your old car parts for decorating can be a great way to jazz up your home. Here are five different ways you can use old, unusable parts in the garden and around the house. 

Decorate Your Furniture

If you have gears, door handles, or hood ornaments that you want to reuse, consider using them to decorate furniture in your home. To mount them onto wood, use a resin glue. Resin is strong and can hold metal without allowing it to come loose. 

If you have flatter ornaments, you could use them to decorate bookends or to mount them on the top of a bookshelf as a point of interest. 

Create a Toilet Paper Holder

This simple toilet paper holder makes good use of a brake drum, a camshaft, and an upper A-arm.

  1. Putting the brake drum at the base, attach the camshaft. You may want to bolt the pieces together or use a resin glue to hold them together. 
  2. Attach the upper A-arm to the camshaft with resin. 
  3. Remove the cross bar on the A-arm. 
  4. Replace the cross bar with a retractable toilet-paper holder stick. 

It's done! Now you have a one-of-a-kind toilet paper holder perfect for a car-centric home.

Decorate with License Plates

License plates can't be reused on another vehicle, so you need to find a way to reuse them around the home. By bolting them together, you can make a mail holder that can be attached to the wall.

Use Tires for Planters 

A terrific use for old tires is to use them as planters. When you place the tire on the ground, it gives you a perfectly round area where you can plant items like herbs or flowers. By filling the tire with dirt, the bed can be raised slightly, making the plants easier to reach. 

On top of the easy segregation of plants by using tires, tires have an interesting design element that adds to your garden. Paint them white, leave them black, or make other designs. 

Make a Wine Rack from Your Engine

Engines have several cylindrical parts that can be removed when they no longer work. Removing these cylinders leaves perfectly sized holes, which are ideal for wine bottles.

Place the engine on its side, add a base, and insert your wine bottles. It's a stylish wine rack perfect for a vintage and auto-loving home. 

These are just five of the many ideas you can use to create unique items around the home with your old car parts. Try one out, or see what you can come up with! Check out an auto parts shop, like Keen Parts, for inspiration.