3 Reasons To Keep Your Diesel Fuel Filter Clean

2 April 2016
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Owning and operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. Without regular maintenance, your vehicle will not run properly. If you have a vehicle that is powered by diesel fuel, it's essential that you take the time to keep your car's fuel filter clean in the future.

Here are three reasons why keeping your diesel fuel filter clean is important.

1. Filters help to eliminate contaminants from your fuel system.

Modern diesel engines are compact, and moving parts fit snugly against one another. If dirt or other contaminants find their way into your vehicle's fuel system, moving parts within this system could sustain serious damage.

Even a small grain of sand can cause the interior tube of a piston to score because of the tremendous amount of pressure placed on these moving parts while your engine is running. A clean fuel filter can effectively eliminate contaminants from your fuel supply, lengthening the life of your car's engine.

2. Fuel filters remove water from diesel fuel.

All gasoline products contain trace amount of water. Because diesel fuel is typically less refined than unleaded gas products, its water content can be higher. Fuel filters are specifically designed to help remove water from your car's fuel supply before the fuel circulates through your engine.

If you allow your fuel filter to become too dirty, you could find that your fuel supply could contain water that will lead to corrosion and lost fuel efficiency over time.

3. Diesel fuel filters help to remove bacteria from your fuel system.

When diesel fuel sits for long periods of time, bacteria could begin to form in the fuel supply tank. Since bacteria are anaerobic (meaning they don't need air to survive), the water present in your diesel fuel provides enough resources to support bacteria growth. Once bacteria growth begins, it can quickly spiral out of control with the microbes doubling in number every 20 minutes.

A clean fuel filter can effectively remove any bacteria that have started to grow within your fuel supply before circulating the fuel through the rest of your engine. This filtration process prevents bacteria from finding their way into your vehicle's other mechanical systems and causing serious problems in the future.

Understanding the potential dangers that unfiltered diesel fuel pose to your vehicle's engine will help you better recognize the importance of maintaining a clean diesel fuel filter in the future. Visit a company like Williams Oil Filter Service Co. for more information.