Ferrari Wheels: A Beautiful Accent

20 November 2019
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As a Ferrari owner, there are a few minor things that you can do that will totally ramp up the look of your machine. One of which is upping your wheel game. Ferrari wheels can add a drastic effect to any model, be it a 488, an Enzo, or an F60 America. A novice Ferrari owner may mistakenly thing something like, "A wheel? Why invest in nice wheels?" With so many varying wheel combinations that you can put on your car, there can be aesthetic benefits, as well as weight saving and performance benefits as well. Here are a few things to think about the next time you are looking for something to improve on your car. 


The tires on your car is one area that is actually not too flexible. As you are most likely aware, Pirelli is the standard tire manufacturer for Ferrari wheels. Some models recommend certain tire structures, with specific shoulder heights and belts, while other models are not so particular. The type of tire you choose will greatly affect the performance of your vehicle, so proceed with care. Talk to your Ferrari dealer for specifics on any changes that you can make with your tires. 

Wheel Design

The wheel design, on the other hand, has almost unlimited options. Sometimes factory machines come with a more generic wheel design, allowing owners the opportunity to upgrade them to forged wheels if they please. One of the most sought after designs is the forged multi-spoke which is often seen on the 488 GTB. Similarly forged wheels can be purchased for other models, giving them a futuristic, yet classic look. 

Wheel Color

In the early 2000s, shiny silver wheels were all the rage, though this is no longer the case. Nowadays, many Ferrari owners are choosing to go with matte colors, especially black matte. These darker wheels allow for the Ferrari logo to be seen more clearly, and carry a certain sex appeal in that. 

Wheel Bolts

While often overlooked, the wheel bolts on your Ferrari can save unnecessary weight. Most factory machines come with thick rounded bolts, while sleek hollow bolts may be purchased. It may seem like a small thing, they can really add a lot to your wheel. 

In conclusion, your Ferrari does not need to be like other people's cars. Make it your own with custom Ferrari wheels. It deserves the best. For more information, talk to your Ferrari dealer.