2 Reasons To Convert Your Older Car's Front Drum Brakes Over To Disc Brakes

14 February 2023
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If you drive an older vehicle, there is a good chance that they have front drum brakes. While these brakes do their job most of the time, you may notice that they occasionally slip or make you have to step on the brake pedal harder to bring your vehicle to a stop.

If so, you should consider switching out the front brakes with a disc brake system. There are a couple of reasons why you should perform the conversion to replace the drums with front disc brakes.

1. Drum Brakes Are More Likely to Get Wet, Causing Them to Slip When You Try to Slow Down or Stop Your Vehicle

One reason you should consider doing a front brake conversion on your vehicle is that drum brakes are more likely to get and stay wet. Whenever you drive in rainy or snowy conditions, the drums themselves become coated with water, making them slippery and causing them to slip whenever you try to slow down or stop your car.

However, with disc brakes, the pads and discs are more protected from water, and when exposed to moisture, dry off quickly. This means that you do not have to worry about them slipping when you need to slow down or stop immediately.

2. Drum Brakes Have to Warm up to Reach Their Optimal Braking Level, Making Their Stopping Power Inconsistent

Another reason why you should convert your car's drum brakes over to disc brakes is that the former have inconsistent stopping power. In order to reach their maximum braking level, drum brakes need to warm up to produce the required amount of friction. Conversely, they also easily overheat, which can also affect their braking ability.

However, disc brakes are able to maintain a consistent temperature and are able to generate the needed friction to stop quickly. This means they are able to brake evenly even after only a few minutes of driving. 

When your vehicle has front drum brakes, they are more likely to slip when they are wet and tend to have inconsistent stopping power because they need to warm up to reach their optimal braking level. Converting them over to disc brakes eliminates these issues because water does not affect them and they are able to maintain a consistent temperature. If you are ready to switch out your drum brakes, speak with a representative at an auto parts store for assistance with choosing an auto front disc brake conversion kit suitable for your vehicle.

For more information on front disc brake conversion kits, contact a supplier near you.